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This is a bi-monthly magazine for the propagation of the Word of God and thus the encouragement and edification of the people of God.

The magazine is available free on request by contacting John Gordon:
E-mail: johngordon-at[at]hotmail[dot]co[dot]uk

Editor: D. McAllister

Correspondence relative to Editorial matters should be addressed to:

The Editor
E-mail: editor[at]assemblytestimony[dot]org

Secretary/Treasurer : Ian McKee
E-mail: secretary[at]assemblytestimony[dot]org

Committee : John Bell, Brian Currie, John Gordon, Jack Palmer, Roy Reynolds.

This magazine is supported solely by the freewill offerings of the Lord’s people. No member of the committee, author of articles or any other person connected with the magazine receives payment, remuneration or gratuity of any kind. This magazine is not to be sold.

Friends wishing to support the work of this magazine should contact Ian McKee for details.

© This magazine is copyrighted. For permission to reproduce any article or part thereof please contact the Editor.