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This book originated when a desire arose in the heart of the editor of the magazine “Assembly Testimony”1 to put sound and Scriptural teaching into the hands of younger believers especially. When explained to the Committee members, this aspiration was quickly and wholeheartedly supported.

It was recognised that many of the young in Christ have so many demands made on their finances that some of these do not have the funds required to purchase good, assembly based literature. Yet it is when they are young, developing spiritually and their minds are impressionable, that they need access to such reading material. The idea was that “Assembly Testimony” would fund the first of these books and they would be distributed freely to those who request a copy. In keeping with the policy of the magazine, we decided not to make any charge but to trust the Lord to meet the costs incurred. If the Lord wants this to be the first in a series of books then He will ensure that funds are made available to support more volumes in the future. Thus it is hoped that this book will be a ‘pump-priming’ exercise allowing a self-generating stream of books to flow.

The brethren who were invited to contribute all readily agreed and the fact that they are all well known in the realm of expository Bible Teaching makes this volume particularly valuable. While, undoubtedly, they will be rewarded by the Lord for their diligence, each of them deserves our thanks for their wholehearted fellowship in this project.
It should be noted, that by the nature of this publication, it is inevitable there will be areas of overlapping in the various expositions. Also the contributing brethren worked individually and without contact with each other, thus universal agreement in all that is written cannot be expected.

We appreciate the meticulous and thorough manner in which our brother Roy Reynolds carried out the editorial work for this book. Also, thanks is due to our sister, Miss Joanna Currie, who willingly assisted in the task of proof reading.

This book is accompanied with our prayers that it will be for the glory of God and the edification of His people.

Brian Currie, N. Ireland, Feb 2006

1. "Assembly Testimony" is a bi-monthly magazine which is available on request from John Gordon, ‘Elhanan’, 25 The Rowans, Banbridge, Co. Down, BT32 4DQ, N. Ireland. His email address is johngordon-at[at]hotmail[dot]co[dot]uk