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Since we uncompromisingly believe in the eternality, personality, equality and absolute deity of the Holy Spirit, it behoves us to write or speak of Him with reticence and reverence. His ministry in relation to the world at large, to the Church dispensational, to the local assembly and to every believer, is invaluable. Like the unnamed servant of Abraham in Genesis chapter 24, He has tirelessly sought a Bride for His Master’s Son and we who are saved owe an incalculable debt to His patient, persistent ministrations of grace. His involvement at Calvary is clear from Heb.9.14 and likewise, His role in our salvation is evident from Jn.3.6 and 1 Pet.1.2. He graciously indwells each believer at the moment of conversion, Eph.1.13 and "is the earnest of our inheritance until the redemption of the purchased possession …" Eph.1.14. He is the blessèd Paraclete promised by Christ ere He ascended back to His Father, affording His much-needed assistance and succour; He is the inerrant Teacher of John chapter 16 Who guides into all truth and all ministry of value to the Master is energised by His power. He is possessed of every attribute Divine, manifestly omnipresent but in willing subjection His particular sphere of operation is the world "until He be taken out of the way" 2 Thess.2.7. May we as believers be enabled to live so as not to grieve His holy sensitivity.

In view of the massive importance of this subject, I have no doubt that this fourth book in the "Glory" series will be welcomed and appreciated by all who desire a fuller knowledge of the person of the Holy Spirit and the major part He plays in our lives and spiritual experiences.

We acknowledge gratefully the many hours spent by the authors in producing their chapters, presenting content that will be of indubitable benefit to all who read. The input of brother Brian Currie in all the associated tasks of publishing this volume are worthy of special mention.

It is our prayer that the book will enable us all to understand with greater clarity the implications of being indwelt by such a holy and distinguished Guest.

Roy Reynolds, N.Ireland, March 2009.