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God, in His faithfulness and goodness, has made the publication of a further book in the ‘Glory’ series possible. As indicated by its title, this, the twelfth in the series, seeks to magnify our Lord Jesus in His glory as the Messiah, the One chosen eternally and the Anointed of God. This particular group of Psalms “written aforetime” Rom.15.4, taken as a whole, offers a beautifully balanced blend of Christological, prophetical, dispensational and at times practical teaching of a most edifying and educational nature; these Psalms truly present “things concerning Himself” Lk.24.27.

The fact that there has been longstanding discussion about the precise number of Psalms deemed to be Messianic should never be allowed to deprive the collection, however defined, of its true worth and ability to present the incomparable and variegated glory of the Messiah Himself. While there are repeated references in this book to the matter of designation, it should be noted that it has been written on the basis of the sixteen Psalms described as being Messianic by T. E. Wilson in his book, “The Messianic Psalms”, and follows the order he described as “the chronological order in the life of our Lord”. The overriding objective of adopting this approach is to provide a comprehensive and becoming presentation of the majesty and worth of Him Who “is altogether lovely” S of S.5.16, and of the One Who “shall bear the glory” Zech.6.13.

We are much indebted to each author for his willingness to undertake the task of providing such a wholesome range of Christ-exalting and challenging material. Before words appear in print, long hours are spent in the sanctuary and in the study, not only at much personal cost but also to wives, children and other friends and loved ones. For all of this the Lord will adequately recompense in His unfailing way and time. We would like each to know that his personal contribution is much appreciated by the committee of ‘Assembly Testimony’1. Be assured that “your labour is not in vain in the Lord” 1Cor.15.58.
Each author has written his chapter independently of the others. This provides opportunity for individual style and expression and at the same time creates a healthy richness of diversity. It is, however, important that readers continue to assess all that is written in this book in light of the infallible record of Holy Scripture.

This publication, like the previous ones, would not be possible without the essential but painstaking and dedicated work of the entire team of proof readers. Their commitment and thoroughness in undertaking what at times may be misconstrued as a thankless task is much appreciated; the record of their labours is on high. Additionally, we express our gratitude to all who support the production and the distribution of these books to a broad international readership. All of this enables the publication and dispatching of books without charge; to God be the glory.

Our sole motive in making this book available is that the Messiah will “be exalted and extolled, and be very high” Isa.52.13. It is our prayerful exercise that those who are His will love Him more and serve Him better. It is reassuring to know that regardless of the opposition and rejection of earth the Divine decree in regard to the Messiah is “I will make Thy name to be remembered in all generations: therefore shall the people praise Thee for ever and ever” Ps.45.17.

Jack Palmer, N. Ireland, November 2020

1.  ‘Assembly Testimony’ is a bi-monthly magazine which is available on request from:
John Gordon, ‘Elhanan’, 25 The Rowans, Banbridge, Co. Down, BT32 4DQ, N. Ireland.
His e-mail address is: johngordon-at[at]hotmail[dot]co[dot]uk