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There can be no greater honour conferred upon an individual than to be called of God, “My servant”, for example, “My servant Abraham” Gen.26.24; “Moses My servant” Josh.1.2; “My servant David” 2Sam.3.18; “My servant Job” Job 1.8; “My servant Isaiah” Isa.20.3; and of course there was a Servant like none other, Who served with devotion and diligence to an extent far beyond all others.  God draws attention to this unique Servant in Isa.42.1: “Behold My Servant, whom I uphold; Mine elect, in whom My soul delighteth”, and refers to Him as “My Servant the Branch” Zech.3.8.  His obedience and readiness to serve were unmatched by any other servant and endless honours will be heaped upon Him eternally, reflecting the unparalleled delight that God has found in Him, His only begotten Son.

No earthly monarch serves in a higher sphere than the often unsung and unheralded servants of the Lord, many of whom spend their lives in relative obscurity.  Their service is on a grander scale than those who busy themselves with the affairs of state, important and praiseworthy though that work may be.  Those who hear the call of God and respond, though often at great personal cost to themselves, meaning a life of self-denial and sacrifice, will reap recognition that will far outweigh the monetary gains and earthly rewards of secular employment.  Their focus is on hearing, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant” Matt.25.21, at the Bema of Christ, 2Cor.5.10.

In the chapters of this latest book in the ‘Glory’ series, the authors consider a selection of God’s choicest servants, highlighting that critical moment when they definitely heard the call of God and showing how it shaped the service they rendered to Him for the remainder of their lives.  They were vessels chosen by God for a particular time and a special role, ordinary in many aspects, like Gideon, who said, “My family is poor in Manasseh, and I am the least in my father’s house” Judg.6.15, yet enabled of God to do exploits for His glory and for the benefit and blessing of saints and sinners.

It is but fitting that we acknowledge the sterling effort of the various contributors who have written thoughtfully and prayerfully to ensure that the contents of this book will be of much benefit to the readers, provoking in each of us a greater desire to serve the best of Masters in the little
while that remains, that the rest of our lives will be for the glory of God.

And oh! When Thou at last shall come
To call Thy servants round,
May I, the meanest of them all,
Be humbly faithful found.
Roy Reynolds,
N. Ireland,
November 2022