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The “Selected Writings” of our late and highly esteemed brother James (Jim) Flanigan is a fitting and lasting tribute to his memory and the rich Christ exalting ministry he often and consistently presented to the people of God. It was ever his desire to exalt the Saviour, to magnify His manifold beauties and glories, so that those who love the Lord Jesus would love Him more and become more like Him. This book is a precious preservation of his ministry and it could be said of him as it was said of Abel that “he being dead yet speaketh” Heb.11.4.

The pages of this book are full of Christ and matters related to His glorious Person. Our brother had a very special ability to draw from the Scriptures those delightful features of the Lord Jesus that fill the hearts of believers with gratitude and devotion. His ability to do this in a clear, orderly, concise, Scriptural way, and in easily understandable language, is remarkable; his own inimitable style is there for all to discern and enjoy. He demonstrated that warm, soul-stirring ministry and theological correctness are not mutually exclusive.

For those desiring to gain a deeper understanding of the glories of the Lord Jesus, a careful and thoughtful reading of this book is essential. It is equally suitable for all believers regardless of the stage they have reached in their spiritual development. The young in Christ will find a wholesome heart-warming presentation of the One they have trusted, and those longer in the faith will value a deposit of riches that will encourage a deeper appreciation of the glory of Him Who is beyond compare.

At a time when the uniqueness of the Lord Jesus in His glory as the Son of God and the reality of His incomparable and impeccable humanity are being strongly and continually challenged, this publication provides a solid Biblical and coherent affirmation “of those things which are most surely believed among us” Lk.1.1. Apart altogether from all that opposes the fundamental doctrines concerning the person of the Lord Jesus it is always appropriate to revisit them and learn more of “the things concerning Himself” Lk.24.27.

It is our sincere desire that all who read this book will gain a deeper understanding of the greatness and glory of our Lord Jesus Christ and that the outcome will be that He will be honoured in fresh devotion and dedication to Himself. It is also our prayer that as the people of God become more occupied with His Son that they will become increasingly like Him as they await that day when “we shall be like Him; for we shall see Him as He is” 1Jn.3.3.

Jack Palmer, N. Ireland, March 2014