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Because Messianic Psalms refer intensely and intimately to the Person of the Lord Jesus Christ, they must be of the greatest interest to us to whom He is precious. They are designated as such because they relate directly and definitely to the Messiah, a title which peculiarly links Him with the nation of Israel but is likewise associated with Christ, the Anointed of God.

Although there is disagreement as to the exact number of such Psalms, all are agreed that those chosen to be included in this volume are unquestionably Messianic in content and character. These precious Psalms have an enthralling appeal as they reveal the multi-faceted glories and experiences of Christ: the lofty heights of His glory and greatness, the supremacy of the Son of the Father as in Psalm 2, the wonder and mystery of His Incarnation, while Psalms 24, 72 and 110 shine a light upon the splendour of His future literal Kingdom on earth. Others, for example Psalms 22 and 69, explore the deep waters of His grief and give some insight into the indescribable sufferings of the appointed Sacrifice.

It is also a feature of Messianic Psalms that they are quoted extensively in the New Testament, with Psalm 110 being the most often cited, most notably in the Epistle to the Hebrews, which extols the glories of the King-Priest as seen in the memorable words of Heb.7.21: “The LORD sware and will not repent, ‘Thou art a priest for ever after the order of Melchisidec:’”. Psalm 24 is an exception to this general rule but there can be no denying the fact that the content of that Psalm relates specifically to the glory and sovereignty of “the King of glory” Ps.24.7,9,10.

We again unhesitatingly and gratefully acknowledge the huge effort made by the authors of this volume to supply a book which we can confidently present to a wide readership who will appreciate the Christ-exalting content. The evidence of much study is clear, and to all concerned we tender hearty thanks.

The overriding desire of all who have been involved in compiling this book is that it will elevate our thoughts of Christ; counter error in relation to His Person and literal Millennial Kingdom and inspire praise to the One Who was forsaken by His God that we might not be forsaken eternally, Ps.22.1.

Roy Reynolds, N. Ireland, November 2020