“Assembly Testimony Magazine” – General Data Protection Privacy Policy

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  1. “Assembly Testimony Magazine” is a bi-monthly magazine for the propagation of the Word of God; and the encouragement and edification of the people of God. Some 9,500 copies of each issue are forwarded to addresses in some 70 countries worldwide. The magazine is issued free of charge to individuals or groups requesting it. The cost of publishing and posting the magazine is supported solely by unsolicited freewill donations. The magazine does not contain any advertising nor does it endorse any commercial products. “Assembly Testimony Magazine” also publishes associated doctrinal books and booklets, which also are distributed without charge.
  2. The Committee of “Assembly Testimony Magazine” is conscious of its statutory data protection requirements, namely that data should be processed lawfully, fairly and in a transparent manner in relation to individuals.
  3. The only personal data held by “Assembly Testimony Magazine” on a computerised database are:-
    1. names;
    2. addresses;
    3. e-mail address (if supplied); and
    4. number of magazines required.
  4. The personal data held, as at paragraph 3 above, is only used in relation to the issue of the magazine (and associated books and booklets); or, exceptionally, to confirm to the editor or secretary / treasurer a full / correct address should they require confirmation when responding to any correspondence received. While the names / addresses are provided to Mooney Media Ltd. (who organise the printing and parcelling of the magazines before delivering them to the Post Office); they do not retain a copy of those names and addresses as provided on pre-addressed envelopes / wrappers.
  5. The personal data, as at paragraph 3 above, is held on computer by a designated Member of the “Assembly Testimony Magazine” Committee who maintains a current, accurate mailing list; and who oversees the worldwide distribution of the magazine. In the event of anything unforeseen the Editor has the ability to access the database. However, this is a precautionary safeguard only to be initiated in exceptional circumstances.
  6. The database is held securely on a computer which has password and appropriate security protection. Every reasonable step will continue to be taken to ensure that personal data is secured against unauthorised or unlawful processing and against accidental loss, destruction or damage.
  7. The data is held with the active or implied consent of those providing it. Active consent has formally been confirmed, via written or e-mailed response to a correspondence exercise in 2018, by those recipients of the magazine in the UK and Europe. Records of that active consent shall be retained and made available for examination. Active consent will also be obtained and retained in relation to any new requests for inclusion on the mailing list.
  8. All giving their consent have been made aware that they have the right to alter or withdraw their consent at any time; that any such request will be promptly complied with; and that their data will be amended on / deleted from the database as required. Such a request must be made by written notification, either by letter or e-mail.
  9. Information on the “Assembly Testimony Magazine” mailing list is not, and will not be, provided to any other organisation or third party.
  10. Any queries or concerns should be raised in the first instance with the Secretary / Treasurer of “Assembly Testimony Magazine”, whose name and contact details are provided in the magazine and on our website.
  11. Recourse may be had to the Information Commissioners Office for any matters of continuing concern.
  12. It should be noted that the “Assembly Testimony Magazine” website uses Google Analytics to collect information about how visitors use this site. This information enables the compilation of statistics and reports; and to help towards the improvement of the website. The information is collected in an anonymous form, including the number of visitors to the website, where the visitors have come from and the pages they visited. For further information on how Google Analytics handles user data, please see the Google Analytics privacy document.
  13. “Assembly Testimony Magazine” website uses internet cookies. A cookie is a small, text based file used frequently on websites and portals, which is designed to assist and streamline the exchange of information between the browser used by a visitor’s computer and our server. The cookies used on the “Assembly Testimony Magazine” website are used only in order to improve the user experience and assist in the delivery of the site (e.g. to test whether a user has JavaScript enabled).
  14. This privacy policy document has been agreed by the “Assembly Testimony Magazine” Committee. It is a live document, subject to review at least annually at the Annual Committee Meeting and will be updated and / or amended, as required.

December 2018